Sovtest employees have been awarded with anniversary medals

Today, on the 9th of April «Sovtest ATE» general director Igor Markov have awarded the company's employees with medals to commemorate its thirtieth anniversary.

The 2021 year is the anniversary year for the «Sovtest ATE» enterprise, its history started in 1991 year as far back as USSR epoch. By its thirtieth anniversary, the company has gone through facings with government takeover, with the establishment of market-driven economy, with financial crises and with serving under the conditions of international sanctions. Considering it, «Sovtest ATE» not only have met the challenges and got the colossal experience, but have built from scratch its own factory and continues to ramp up potential rapidly developing a number of different innovation projects.

Enterprise power is its manpower. Today our staff consists of nearly 200 people, each one of them is unique in their own way. Each employee has higher and professional education, many of them were degreed due to in-service education. Upper-tier managers have successfully passed the special training under the scheme of «Lidery Pro». On July 2020 our enterprise has entered the national project aimed at productivity gains.

Training of staff is the start of the process of continuous improvements, aimed at competitive growth and on improving the profitability of our enterprise, which shapes the future for each of us. There is no such modern equipment or cutting-edge solution which ought to make the effective output without qualified employees. Company governance considers its professional workers as the main wealth and the main capital, those people, who put not only effort, expertise and experience, but the part of their very hearts into the work of love.

With greater appreciation of many years of conscientious work, contributions to the development of «Sovtest ATE», professionality and amenability, with the deep faith in further effective performance, aimed at achieving more ambitious goals general director Igor Markov has awarded each employee with the thirtieth anniversary medals.

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