«Sovtest ATE» held the first excursion in terms of the industrial tourism project

On October 2020 «Sovtest ATE» joined the Kursk region Administraion and Agency for Strategic Initiatives project aimed on an evolvement of an industrial tourism and became one of the excursionist fields. The development of the industrial tourism is oriented to attract the tourists, to increase an investment attractiveness of the region and moreover to inform guests about manufacture activities.

Firstly, a vocational-oriented excursion route have been developed, it's intended to be used by the senior high school students and the universities' juniors. The key aim was to illustrate dramatically the way, how the modern industrial electronics manufacture is set up. The next program evolvement step is to develop the tour to potential Sovtest Technopark residents.

Over the tour we wanted to show, how different industrial processes being elapsed on the modern engineering factory. Such an excursion have to help people, who are standing on the edge of the choice of their future profession, to let them know, which fields of concern are sought-after, their special aspects, the skills, which are necessary for successful employees and also what does it take to work with us. Making the engineering professions popular is significantly important for the development of the entire industry! It should not go unmentioned that our manufacture is really unique, its area size is more than 8 000 m2, it holds the full cycle of production from the hard metalworks till the adjustment of the electronic components, so we've got something to show to our potential partners too.

– signed Tatarenkova Elena, the head of the training center of professional skills

To carry out the tour we had to educate the guides, thanks to our partner Kursk State University a number of our employees successfully passed out the education course «Workplace visit guidance». For fastening the gained knowledge on Friday 28 of May the first excurtion with the students of KSU «Tourism and service» took place. The student group consisted of 16 members. They didn't only walk around the excurtion route and get acquainted withe the factory, but also advanced their professional opinion on the tour, gave an amount of suggestions, how to make the prom-trip much more interesting.

"The first pancake is not always a mess", but we still have got to make an analysis of a conducted work and of the collected over it results suggestions. We'll continue to develop the project. Wait for the full-bodied annonce of our touristic product on the Kursk trade fair.

– summed up Chuykov Andrey, «Sovtest ATE» alternate executive director

Now the project is on the stage of the active preparations for the start of the regular excursions. The process of the different documentation packages formation being brought to a conclusion. The design of of new souvenir production is under development, also it's necessary to prepare guests overalls, which are compliant with safety requirements. A special focus is concentrated on a maximum safety and a comfort of the visitors during the excoursions. The program realisation is proceeding with the equity capital, without a procurement of Kursk region or «ASI» funding.

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