LLC «Sovtest ATE» picked up «Exporter of the year» award

On 26 of May our country celebrates the Day of Russian Enterpriser. It already have become a tradition to hold the region business forum on that day and also to award the business executives of Kursk region in nominations «Kursk Region Enterpriser of the Year», «Exporter of the Year» and others. LLC «Sovtest ATE» picked up an award as the best exporter between medium-sized businesses of Kursk region as of year-end 2020.

The 2020 was a difficult year for each business sphere and it was noticed by each ceremony participant.

The titanic work of Igor Markov, who is our general director, and the effort of each Sovtest member leted us to achieve this award. While the hard pandemic time we strive not only to ramp up our potential, but also to act in terms of region support, so we expanded the list of our output products with the ones, which can be used on helthcare enterprises and also gave them discounts on our serial products. Now we are particapeting in ANCO «FCK» project aimed on improving the labour efficiency and the executed work during the project realization lets us to get near to before-crysis economic numbers and we hope to overtop them soon.

– signed Klimov Roman, business-sales manager

The questions of the crisis overcoming with minimal casualties, the ways of region business development and also the questions of small and medium-sized region businesses financial support were deliberated on the forum. The ceremony was attended by the governer of Kursk region, Starovoit Roman.

I truly congratulate everyone, who ones took the decision to attend their business and took a risk. Any risk worths a respect. Enterprisers found the family and friends support and it is very important to render them an assistance in such difficult time.

– resumed Starovoit Roman

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