LLC «Sovtest ATE» introduces lean manufacturing

Three months ago LLC «Sovtest ATE» joined the national project Workforce productivity and employment support». Therefore the company started to implant the foundations of lean manufacturing, so the enterprise governance gave the summary of the first strides on that direction.

On the setting stage the employees won the significant support of ANCO «FCK» specialists. The experts, who worked with the leading enterprises of Russia and foreign countries, have shared their knowledge and the experience with the «Sovtest ATE» employees. According to Igor Markov, the general director, it was highly important, that the specialists of сompetence сenter didn't only give the advices, but took part in the manufacturing, showing the modern processing technologies and methods.

When we joined the national project, we had trouble picturing how the system of our work can be changed. At the same time, of course we wanted to maximize the potential of our employees and to amend their working conditions. As a result, thanks to the experts support we have optimized our practices and picked up the staff for each field of development. Even today it lets us to implant the cutting-edge solutions and therefore improve the quality of our products.

- Igor Markov commented.

At the beggining of the national progect we created the working party. The members of which received training according to programme «Basics of lean manufacturing», «Plotting», «Manufacturer's test», «Short changeover», «Standardized work», «5С on the manufacturing» and so on. Gained knowledge was applied by the workers on a so called key area of «Sovtest ATE», it was the locksmithery-assembly area at the bulk №1. Moreover, the pilot project had been chosen, it was the manufacturing flow of the Dry Boxes SDB 702. With the help of the experts, working party elicited some problems, which put a crimp into the productiveness, so the party tried to overtake them. More than that, the manufacturing time and the reject level of the pilot project were shortened.

The senior manager of ANCO «FCK», Andrey Ovinov admitted, that each company employee was interested in the manufacturing optimization. In his view, that is what allowed to obtain a result in a short period.

The project realization has been assisted by nearly each employee of the company, not only the working party. They spoke out their ideas and propositions, actively helped and learned new things. Each one was working for the general weal. We leaded the great job with the staff. We hope, that the company employees will certainly practice the processing technologies and methods we showed them, and also will regularly top up their qualifications.

- Andrey Ovinov noted.

The «Sovtest ATE» government plans to use tools of lean manufacturing, and with their help to boost the production on 30% in three years.

According to Irina Gusarova, RIA "Kursk".

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