LLC «Sovtest ATE» continuous to develop the lean manufacturing

During the last six months «Sovtest ATE» manufacture has been taking part in a national project «Workforce productivity and employment support» realisation. The project activities are aimed on the lean manufaturing principles implantation. On 20th of May the meeting in terms of «Information-sharing day» took place, the working group and the immediate participants of manufacturing process gave the summary of their work.

The second level of the project realisation is oriented on putting in use the knowledge and the experience, which have been given by the experts of ANCO «FCK» for optimization the Dry-Storage Boxes SDB 702 manufacturing flow processes. The following aims were assigned as quality attributes of the pilot project:

  • To pull down the production time;
  • To pull down the unfinished production;
  • To increase the output;
  • To increase the % of the first try production acceptance.

We surely can say, that on today's level, we had achieved each aim and as a result at we shrank the G.D.P. of the flow more than about 87%! But we aren't going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and we'll continue the manufacturing processes and staff cooperation optimization. The technologies and the experience gathered with the help of the competence center experts let us realize each worker potential, but not only decreasing the G.D.P., but also increasing products' quality.

- Igor Markov commented

The implementation of the 5S system, the rules of movement the product components and the materials between the work site and the warehouse let us to gain considerable success during the project realisation. These instruments of the lean manufacturing are being used to optimize the working space and to pull down the WIP. A development of some operation's standards and an adjustment of the producing processes helped us to decrease the production time in the flow more than by two times.

As a result of the meeting the new aimes till the next covered period have been set, by the following year we are planning to pull down the labour intensity by the 10%, not only of the pilot project, but also of others our products. The feedback of the working group and the other staff lets us make a conclusion that the instruments of the lean manufacturing not only lead to an increment of the work site effectively, but also eases their job..

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