Autonomous hydrogen power plants

Autonomous hydrogen power plants (AHPP) are designed for autonomous generation of electric energy from hydrogen.

In October 12, 2021 the Government of the Russian Federation issued Decree No. 2634-r on the action plan "Development of hydrogen energy in the Russian Federation until 2024". In accordance with this plan, Sovtest ATE develops various projects in the field of hydrogen energy and works with major partners in Russia. One of the areas of work of Sovtest ATA is the development and production of autonomous hydrogen power plants (AHPP) at the plant in Kursk.

The main part of the AHPP is a hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) – an electrochemical device in which the energy of the chemical reaction of hydrogen is converted into electrical energy. Hydrogen gas is stored in a pressurized cylinder and, when necessary, is automatically supplied to the thermal power plant to generate electrical energy.

AHPP has the following advantages:

  • high reliability (no moving parts);
  • high efficiency (~45%);
  • virtually silent operation without vibration;
  • no harmful emissions during operation;
  • the system replaces the diesel generator or reduces its operating time with appropriate fuel economy;
  • the possibility of long-term use as the only source of energy in the "24/7"mode;
  • compliance with the global trends of the "green" future;
  • possibility of use on completely diesel-free stations;
  • up-to-date telemetry data from the AHPP can be transmitted to the customer using wireless technologies;
  • the use of AHPP allows you to preserve the environment and avoid dependence on oil products.

Today we offer a wide range of AHPP built on proton exchange membrane technology with a standard power range from 0.1 to 5 kW.

It is also possible to develop individual AHPP configurations for customer requirements with a capacity of up to 200 kW. Our systems are simple, efficient and have one of the highest power density values in the world, which opens up new opportunities for integration and commercialization in the field of autonomous energy.

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